Virtual room for your real-time collaboration

Connect with anyone, anywhere. Host or join in seconds. It's that simple! Experience real-time messaging, video, and audio for seamless collaboration, all within open-source virtual rooms.

Got a room code to join?

All-in-one for webinar event

Not only create, you also can manage registration, invitation, and get analytics of your webinar event.

Scheduled meeting

Set your schedule for important meeting and sent invitation by email. As easy as that.

Anonymous meeting participant

Participant can join your meeting from shared link or room code as a guest without signing in.

A desktop view of webinar session with audiences

Seamless quality for uninterrupted communication

With latency less than 10 milliseconds, you can experience seamless streaming, even in challenging network conditions.

Our adaptive bitrate and streaming protection technology ensures smooth playback, while the audio/video packet loss protection technology guarantees uninterrupted communication, even in highly congested network environments.

Wanna build a project like this?

Our code to create inLive Room is indeed open source. Check on GitHub to fork it, clone to local, or use as your starter template. Feel free to open an issue or discussion. Also, don’t forget to click a star.